My Apple Star Project

DSC_4767 (1) DSC_1760 (1) DSC_2006 (1) DSC_2832 (1)It’s been so long since I’ve posted here.  Basically other blogs, other projects have taken over.  I’ve been developing my photography and posting here on wordpress at, which is now Apple Star Photo, but as I’m so bad a blogging still I haven’t figured out how to change the URL.  Does anyone know?   Please visit my blog, browse and left me know what you think.  You can also find me at

Most of all I’ve been working at My Apple Star Project that involves many aspects of photography, honouring my own process of self-worth, and contribution…’s a long story that started in the home schooling community, cutting an apple in an non-traditional way….voila!  The apple star.   The story wends it’s way…..

I hope to be posting now and then here about my process, as this blog was my first place to show up and in many ways got me started.  I do hope you’ll look around, and come back for more.



Visions of Paradise

Chapter One

I’ve been wondering what stories I want to tell with my photos, what message is most important for me to convey?  Candid portraits of children playing freely, family, skating, risk taking, self-directed learning, re-wilding…are some of the many subjects I am passionate about sharing.

Last week, when I was up on Denman island visiting family, and taking pictures for the Sustainability Festival they have up there, I was lucky to have the opportunity to take photographs of two lovely homes.

I enjoyed pouring over every detail, with my wandering camera eye, absorbing and delighting in the wonderful creation that a home, it’s land, whether sanctuary, palace, homestead, farm, studio or retreat.

What is your vision of paradise?


Tree Eater farm

Imprint of the Soul

Our hands, here before us, holding, reflecting, grasping, releasing.   What stories do their lines tell?

Their prints a mirror of our soul’s longing?

Tactile, delicate, fingers fluttering like anemone

The pleasure of rolling paint on hands

Dark and light playing patterns upon the palms’ canvas

And then hands pressed lightly upon each other, the print,


then delight!

My hand!

A reflection of Me!

Since ancient times,  we have witnessed the magic and miracle of ourselves in dimly lit caves, candle flames flickering, our hand prints knowing marks upon rough walls.  This is me, this is us, here we are!   We count with our fingers, mark time with our knuckles, craft and cleave and catch.  we cradle our babes and each other’s faces, and trace lines and textures when sightless.   Thank you Jill for sharing your knowledge, fascination and devotion to helping people walk their paths.

Together We Shine

Today, I just want to repost from Jen’s Hopeful World Blog.  I love the Hope Notes Jen sends to my inbox regularly.  Her words, wise, honest, often raw, so fragile ring true with me.  I feel a kindred spirit, I feel often that nagging loneliness ebb away when I read her writing.  Most importantly,  a lot of what Jen and her friends do at reminds me of why I too write, blog, share photos.  In trying to understand myself, and those around me, expressing each of our needs to belong, to count, to contribute, I realize how grateful I am for this blogging technology to be able to reach out and in return be touched by so many.
This post on Outsourcing Hope is a way of crowd funding messages of hope, beautiful, touching…how we can band together, and each offer a tiny piece of a much larger puzzle of support.  Read on….
Outsourcing Hope
written by  august 9, 2013

I’ve been in a little cave over here, without many words.
Do you know that place?
The only things that make sense are simple. Like making oatmeal in the morning. Or taking your time to really scrub the kitchen sink.

Still, the sun disappears every night and reappears like magic the next morning.
Darkness. Light. Hopelessness. Hope.
It’s what it means to be human, I’m finding more and more. Try to avoid that hopelessness and you automatically incur more. Try to stay in the light and your shadows grow monster-like and long, waiting for a chance to overtake you.

I’m uncomfortable with my level of discomfort, a friend said to me recently, eyes shining in the park with a smile on his face that can only mean you feel like crying.

And yet, this is life.
We shine.
Even when everything is more than enough to bear.

Today as I write to you, I’m aware that while there’s a way we have to face these dark nights of the soul on our own, there’s another way we do not.

We’re allowed in the dark to ask for light.
We’re allowed in the light to remember what it feels like in the dark.
We can turn on the light for one another when we’re too weak to reach the switch.

We can slide down to the bottom of the hole and just be together until one of us has the strength to show the other where there’s a handhold to get back out and up.

Read the rest of Jen’s post here:

“Hopeful World is a small community of teachers, mentors, guides and sages dedicated to the listening path. Through our mentoring programs and online group learning experiences, we help kindred spirits navigate the terrain of the heart. Some call us midwives, others soul sherpas. Either way, it’s our privilege and calling to help you break free from the confines of assigned expectation so you can begin to move from a different power source…the clarity of that still small voice showing you the way back home.”

Thank you Jen and all at Hopeful World for inspiring me to more honest story-telling, and therefore more honest listening.  Here’s to reflagging, pass the message on.



Road Block


My love just got me a new camera for my birthday.  What an adrenaline rush shooting skaters on Granville Street, down town Vancouver, BC.    I was on CRUTCHES too!  It was insanely fun trying to manoeuvre through the crowds, avoid being hit or hitting others with my crutches.  I felt almost as agile as the skaters.  Road Block is four stores, four teams, four obstacles.  More pictures coming.