My Apple Star Project

DSC_4767 (1) DSC_1760 (1) DSC_2006 (1) DSC_2832 (1)It’s been so long since I’ve posted here.  Basically other blogs, other projects have taken over.  I’ve been developing my photography and posting here on wordpress at, which is now Apple Star Photo, but as I’m so bad a blogging still I haven’t figured out how to change the URL.  Does anyone know?   Please visit my blog, browse and left me know what you think.  You can also find me at

Most of all I’ve been working at My Apple Star Project that involves many aspects of photography, honouring my own process of self-worth, and contribution…’s a long story that started in the home schooling community, cutting an apple in an non-traditional way….voila!  The apple star.   The story wends it’s way…..

I hope to be posting now and then here about my process, as this blog was my first place to show up and in many ways got me started.  I do hope you’ll look around, and come back for more.



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