About: daily practice, passion, regeneration, contribution

I am myself, a mother, partner, almost a step-mother, daughter, auntie, teacher, facilitator, cultural and educational analyst, home school enthusiast, photographer, writer, artist, philosopher, survivor of divorce…just almost.    This blog is a place for me to show up for myself, my passions and my deep, deep needs to be autonomous, to belong and do contribute.   I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the inspiration of my son, my partner’s sons, the loving support and belief of my partner and my father, the rigour and strength of my mother.    Many others, friends, acquaintances, and strangers on the virtual path of life have gently urged me towards this point.  To name but a few: my dear far away friend M, an incredible artist, open heart and social activist, S, check out her blogs:

Project Based Home Learning, here: http://project-based-homeschooling.com/camp-creek-blog/friday-link-round-up-3-1-2013 PBH for Grown-Ups  “the best way to help our children live an authentic life is to strive for that ourselves”  – See more at: http://project-based-homeschooling.com/camp-creek-blog/friday-link-round-up-3-1-2013#sthash.r5Mb5oDq.dpuf , where I also discovered the blog: Under a Big Blue Sky, read growing a business: choosing @ under a big blue sky – See more at: http://project-based-homeschooling.com/camp-creek-blog/friday-link-round-up-3-1-2013#sthash.r5Mb5oDq.dpuf The author’s transparent expression of her experience and honest gentleness towards her own process are very inspiring to me.

Through these encounters, I am learning to crystalize my passion for parenting, educating, and creating an on-going love affair with my life all that is part of it.  i am slowly becoming aware that the only thing I can change is myself, that my example, my showing up for myself, my patience with my self, my commitment to myself is the best gift I can give my children.


7 thoughts on “About: daily practice, passion, regeneration, contribution

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  2. Thanks for the follow Belinda and glad to see you appear to be on a somewhat happier path now. Been bumping into a good few Vancouver people recently. I like your honesty on your blog and I hope that you get to like my own posts and can see my own honesty humly displayed, Live a great life, MM 🍀👍

  3. Thanks for the follow, Belinda. I am so sad I can’t build this site as hoped. I just don’t want to pull back any more than I have on the incredible Journey, and I’m knee-deep in the homeschooling. Hopefully this blog will stand as a useful reference board for you. I will add to it (sl-o-wly) as I can. Love, Diana

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